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    Township Meetings


    Portland Township Board Meetings

    February 12 meeting has been changed to February 19, 2020, at 7:00 pm.

    Click on agenda below for details of the meeting.


    All meetings will be at the Portland Township Hall

    located at 773 E Grand River Ave, Portland

    Portland Township Planning Commission Next Meeting:


    March 4, 2020, at 7:00 pm

    All meetings will be at the Portland Township Hall

    located at 773 E Grand River Ave, Portland

    Portland Township ZBA Meetings


    Meets only as Applications are Received Except Organizational

    Meeting on the Second Wednesday of each January at 6:30 pm.

    All meetings will be at the Portland Township Hall


    Public Notices

    The Planning Commission will be holding a public hearing at their March 4, 2020 meeting with an application for an in-home group childcare special use permit.  Click below on "Notice GCC" for the public notice and below that for the full application.

    Notice GCC



    The Township Board adopted an ordinance to amend the Nuisance Ordinance to change from 10 days to 30 days for violation compliance.  Click on Notice N below and Ordinance N to read the entire amended section.


    Notice N

    Ordinance N


    The Township Board adopted an ordinance to prohibit all Recreational Marihuana Establishments in the Township.  Click on Notice RM and Ordinance RM below to review the notice and ordinance.

    Notice RM

    Ordinance RM


    The Township Board adopted an ordinance agreement to grant a 

    gas franchise to Consumers Energy Co. on February 13, 2019.  Click on the notice below and the ordinance to read it in its entirety.










    Adopted Text Amendments to

    the Zoning Ordinance is to add language for

    solar energy systems

    and group childcare homes. Click

    on "notice" below to read.




    Go to "Information", then "Ordinances and Resolutions" to 

    review the amendment documents.



    Burn Permits


    Click on "Departments" then "Fire/Ambulance"





    New Treasurer Appointed

    At their January meeting, the Township Board has appointed Michelle (Shelly) Schneider as the new Treasurer to replace retiring Treasurer Leanne Simon effective April 1st.  They both will be working together during this time for a smooth transition.  Watch for more contact information close to April 1st.

    The 2019 fall Newsletter is here, click on the link below to read




    Click on "Departments" then  "Assessing" for additional information

    Assessors Phone Number:  989-383-0306



    Click on "Departments" then "Taxes" for Info


    To contact the Treasurer click on "Township Board"

    then "Treasurer"

    ATTENTION – EFFECTIVE SUMMER, 2019:  Tax receipts will not be mailed UNLESS a receipt is requested at the time of payment.


    Summer 2019 property tax bills were due by 9-16-2019. Any taxes not paid by that date are delinquent.  Call or email for your payoff amount.  Winter 2019 taxes have been mailed and are due 2-14-2020.



    Click on "Departments" then "Elections" for the latest election information.




    As of January 1, 2019, only Portland Township is running the recycling program being offered at Municipal Supply at 1 Industrial Dr. Portland, east off Lyons Rd.  Danby Township has resigned from the joint program.  This means that only Portland Township residents can use this recycling program.  The dates that the containers are available to drop off items are the 4th Saturday and Sunday of each month.  The drop off times are between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.


    *Note - on the flyer that went out in the mail to the Portland Township Residents last fall, the phone number of Recycle Ionia was printed in error.  The correct phone number is 616-432-9850.

    Click on flyer link below for information on what can or cannot be dropped off and for additional other recycling places.


    New info 2019:


    Recycling Flyer Info


    Recycling Rules


    Recycling Raccoons

    Link is below to a State map of all recycling facilities: