Property Taxes

The Winter 2020 taxes are due February 14, 2021.  


Late taxes (starting March 1, 2020) can only be paid at the Ionia County Treasurers office. 


Note the new Treasurer Michelle "Shelly" Schneider as of April 7, 2020. 

During the Taxes Receivable time, Tax Payments should be mailed to:


Portland Township Treasurer

9770 Marsalle Rd

Portland MI 48875


Remember, a drop box is also available at this address!


Tax questions can be emailed (preferred) to or leave a message at 517-647-2075.  Please leave an address or parcel number.

Please click on this link to check taxes status: and click on "online services" then "parcel information" and type in your address to find your payoff amount.

If you owe Portland Township for PERSONAL PROPERTY TAXES,  these taxes are always paid to the Township (your tax parcel number will start with either 34-140-898 or 34-140-900).

If you owe delinquent taxes from 2019 or earlier, these are handled by the Ionia County Treasurer only, not the Township Treasurer. You can contact the County Treasurer at 616-527-5329.  


Information on your taxable value, assessed value or homestead exemption (PRE) should be directed to the Portland Township Assessor Jason Kohagen at 989-383-0306 (Note new phone number) or email:  You can also call the  Ionia County Treasurer for tax information at 616-527-5329.

Personal Property Taxes on Leased Land

If you live in a mobile home park (such as Sunset Ridge) you may receive a tax bill. This bill is for improvements on leased land which are assessable as personal property.  Examples of these improvements are sheds, garages, carports, decks, etc.  These taxes are your responsibility and are not the responsibility of Sun Communities. This is your personal property so Sun Communities would not be responsible for it. Failure to pay these tax bills allows the Township to put a lien on this personal property and in some cases, remove it from the property.



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