Planning Commission


The Township Planning Commission is responsible for creating and adopting a basic master plan as a guide for the development of the unincorporated portions of the Township and reviewing special use applications and conducting site plan reviews.  They also create and propose amendments to the Zoning Ordinance.  They review the Master Plan every five years to determine if it needs updating.




Cindy Selden-     Chairman

Sue Vanlente -    Secretary

Ross Schneider - Vice Chairman    

Evelyn Walkington-Jensen

Tony Dixon

Marcy Lay

Andrew Huhn

Meeting Dates


Meetings are at 7:00 PM




March 2

June 1

September 7

December 7


The Planning Commission may schedule additional meetings and public hearings as needed or requested.







Work in Progress



Current Applications


The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on a request to change a side lot line between lots 47 and 48 at 7453 Cedar Ridge Dr, Portland by Mark and Dawn Thelen in Grand Ridge Estates on September 27.  Click on Thelen Notice for the public notice and Thelen Application for the request details.

Thelen Notice

Thelen Application


Pending Amendments