Zoning Administrator


Jeanne Vandersloot


Phone:   616-897-4242


Email:  zoningadmin@msn.com

Address:  PO BOX 294, Lowell MI 49331-0294



Zoning  Administrator

Directs or participates in studies regarding development in Township; prepares reports and makes recommendations to the Planning Commission, ZBA and to the Township Board. 

Reviews site plans and consults with developers and appropriate reviewing agencies to ensure quality and compliance with policies, regulations, ordinances and modern planning standards.

Receives and processes or forwards zoning applications, variance requests, land division requests and development plans; prepares case files and publication notices to property owners as necessary; makes recommendations to Planning Commission, ZBA and Township Board based on professional planning principles and the comments of the other reviewing agencies.


Recommends and prepares requested or needed resolutions for amending ordinances as may be deemed necessary.

Counsels and advises Planning Commission, Board of Appeals, Township Board of Trustees, developers, property owners, realtors, and others in various planning and zoning matters; represents Township regarding legal action involving zoning ordinance violations.

Prepares special reports and studies as requested by the Township Board or Planning Commission.


Application Info


For applications or ordinances go to:   Information 


New Construction Process

For most new construction projects, you will need a

Zoning Permit from Portland Township.  Click on

"zoning compliance application" under the "Information" tab. 


Contact the Zoning Administrator.

Jeanne Vandersloot



PO Box 294

Lowell MI 49331-0294


Next step is obtaining a Building Permit from

Ionia County Building Dept.  Call the County at

616-527-5374 or email to:  building@ioniacounty.org 


Note - Interior remodeling does not require a Township

Zoning Permit, only a Building Permit from the County.